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Personal Training

It is widely know that exercise is a vital component of health, fitness and wellness. My fitness programs are designed to teach you to incorporate movement (exercise) into your daily life to maintain a healthy weight and body composition, prevent disease, improve and maintain range of motion of all joints and generally feel energized  Whether you are a beginner or already very fit , enroll in my programs  keep fitness a key part of your healthy lifestyle. Choose from a variety of programs to best meet your goals, schedule, and budget.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

Training sessions customized for individual needs, goals and personality.  Sessions can be for one, two or three people.  A variety of exercise modes are used to improve strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Fit In 30 Class

Stay Fit With Sue - Fit in 30 Class

30 minute core, balance and flexibility class for 4 people.

Fit In 45 Class

Stay Fit With Sue - Fit in 45 Class

45 minute total body strength, balance and flexibility class for 4 people.

Stretch Class

Stay Fit With Sue - Stretch Class

30 minute total body stretch class for 4 people.  This is gentle stretching class for 4 tight people who think they can’t stretch, as well as those who know they can but don’t do it often enough.

Warrior Workout

Stay Fit With Sue - Fit in 30 Class

55 minute total body outdoor workout for all levels. Resistance, cardio, and flexibility training in an uplifting, encouraging and supportive group environment.  (Class format changes with the seasons)

Special Needs

Personal Trainer - Special Needs

We can accommodate individuals with disabilities, restrictions and special needs on a case by case basis.