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Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Yields1 Serving

 1 Medium-sized red onion, diced
 2 cups Broccoli florets
 1 Yellow bell pepper, sliced
 2 cups Baby carrots
 1 ½ cups Cherry Tomatos
 ¾ tbsp Olive oil
 Salt and Pepper to taste
 810 Sprigs of thyme
 Garlic gloves
 4 Chicken Breasts
 Olive Oil
 Salt and Pepper to taste
 1 pinch Paprika
 4 Sprigs of thyme
 4 Garlic gloves
Special Equipment

2 baking trays
Aluminum foil


1. Preheat oven 400°F
2. Put veggies on a baking tray, don’t overlap
3. Season with olive oil, salt, and pepper (to taste).
4. Top veggies w sprigs of thyme & garlic clove halves
5. Tear off 4 pieces of aluminum foil (12 in x 12 in).
6. Place chicken breast in center for each one.
7. Season both sides of chicken w oil, salt, pepper, paprika .
8. Put sprigs of thyme & garlic clove on top each chicken
9. Make foil into pocket around chicken, place on baking tray
10. Bake for 30 minutes.