Remote Training

When Sue relocated to Colorado in 2018, she started training her Chicago clients remotely so they could continue to achieve results through their Stay Fit With Sue programs. This marked the inception of Sue’s Remote Training Business and she now has clients across the country.

What is Remote Training and How Does it Work?

Just like when you work with Sue in the gym, remote training is a great opportunity to receive one-on-one or small group attention from a qualified, experienced, fitness professional. You will have a 30, 45, or 55-minute video call with Sue where she will coach you through your personalized program, demonstrate exercises, evaluate your exercise form, and offer corrections, advice and motivation. Sue will tailor your program to your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle. You will work hard to achieve your results and have fun along the way! AND, if you prefer to train with a friend, you can both participate from your own homes, even if you are in different time zones!!!

What do you need to get started?

  • A small space allowing you to fully reach your arms overhead and out to each side.
  • Smartphone, tablet or computer for a video call.
  • Gym equipment is not mandatory but dumbbells, stability ball, mirror, tubing or TRX can be useful.  Sue can design and organize your gym space for you.

Clients love the customized approach they get with Sue. Many feel more confident about achieving their goals knowing they have Sue supporting their daily journey towards a healthier life. 

Wondering what this looks like? Here are a few photos from Remote Training Sessions with Sue. 

Let’s get started! 


Jan, Colorado
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“Working out remotely requires a trainer who is seriously competent, knowledgeable, and supportive. If you need someone who believes in your ability to improve, at whatever age, call Sue! It worked for me!!”
S. Opeka, Chicago, IL
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“Remote training is ideal for me as I only have to go down to my basement to work with Sue. My workouts are just as intense as when I went to the gym and it’s amazing what can be done without a lot of equipment. Most importantly to me, the distance between Sue and myself is not an issue and I can continue to work out with my preferred fitness trainer."
Kristina, Chicago, IL
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“Previously I had worked with Sue in her studio over the course of many years. There is no question as to her extensive knowledge and experience. But I did not think working remotely would be effective for me. In March with the onset of COVID, I reconsidered because it was convenient and really the only option. Having been working out remotely now for nearly 9 months I can honestly say I love it. It is convenient and effective and a great way to “go somewhere else” without leaving your home. Even when things start to return to normal, I would say I prefer the remote training to a gym environment. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend remote training with Sue.”
Adrienne, Phoenix, AZ
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"Sue is the best trainer I’ve ever had. I’ve worked with her both in person and online and I'm amazed at what she is able to see remotely. I love that she chooses exercises for my body and my fitness goals. She makes sure my form is correct so I can also work out on my own. I love that I can be in a different state and still work out with her."
Melissa and Craig, Chicago, IL
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“We met Sue in Libertyville and Melissa trained with her for many years before I started some sessions too. She’s an excellent trainer, very motivating, up-to-date on all the latest trends and always customizes workouts to both our needs and capabilities. After Sue moved to Colorado, we’ve continued weekly training for both of us with 30-minute individual remote workouts. They work great, it’s almost like she’s here!!”
Connie, Atlanta, GA
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“The training sessions are very focused on certain areas of the body that I might be struggling with at the time. Sue is very flexible and even though she may have something else planned for our session, she will immediately divert and work on areas that most benefit that day. Each session is also unique enough that it keeps me engaged at all times. Sue is very experienced at training remotely, it always surprises me when she can see something I'm not doing correctly and something I am doing well. She is very gifted at this! I would recommend her sessions to all and have enjoyed them as they have always benefited me and helped me to be stronger and healthier physically. “

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